Our process is very straight forward and it starts with your scope of work. As a rule of thumb, the more detailed you are and the more information you provide for your project, the more accurate we can be in providing an estimate. The more the work is on us, the more time it will take us which translate into an increased budget.
Engaging Our Services
The Internet has become a highly complex "web" of technology, code and data transactions back & forth. Theme's and website builders have been created to fill a niche of DIY enthusiasts, however, their capabilities won't nearly touch what is required to run a successful online property.
There a companies that offer "drag and drop" solutions with website builders. While they can create a website, these builders are no comparison to the likes of the of the properties that you are used to such as your bank, shopping, entertainment, etc.
Scoping of your Project
A website can be built several different ways, the visual aspect is just a small portion but how it functions is the most important as it determines how your audience is interacting with what you are offering.
One of the biggest mistakes that small business owner make is that they want a website that matches what they like instead of focusing on what works for their customers.

Every website is your competition and majority of people interact with large websites that have resources of developers, engineers & designers that tweak the performance daily.