Our Services Overview
Digetects stands out from most of your traditional agencies simply because we think outside of the box and like to test the limits. The digital world has evolved and grown up with this online real estate has gotten a lot more complex and functional. Enterprise companies have an edge because their technology stacks are much more advanced due to their funding backbone that many small business simply can't afford.
  • Salesforce SME
  • Enterprise
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Experts in Implementation, Customization and Development.
  • Email
  • Maropost
  • Small Business / Enterprise
  • Implementation, Campaign Management, Custom Development
  • Email

Our Capabilities & Services

Web development is fluid and ever changing, staying on top of all of them can be hard when you are not exposed to different use cases and tools. At Digetects we work with many different sectors and staying up on the latest is a must for us.

CMS development and integration. Open source: Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal. Proprietary: Sharepoint, Contentful, Kentico
Building an online business? We are experts & partner with Shopify, Magento, CS-Cart and many others.
Enterprise Solutions
ESP migration, implementation, integration, IP warming, automation, data management.
Dynamic Emails
We can build repurposable email templates that are data driven (must have an ESP and features)
We can automate a lot of your daily tasks, such data feeds, list hygiene, segmentation, etc.
Journey Development
Getting people into your funnel is one thing but then sending the right cadence and messages are another.
API Development
Many of the platforms are offering a lot more power outside of their out-of-the-box features. We can help unleash them.
Campaign Management
Hire us to manage your email strategy and execution, we can do all the heavy lifting so you can focus on what's more important.
One Off / Ad Hoc
If you do not have access to developers, we can troubleshoot and fix most of your issues on your website.

Applications & Platforms

Salesforce Marketing Cloud
#1 Marketing Platform especially on the enterprise level. Catering to developers and marketers
Adobe Experience Cloud
Adobe Experience Cloud including Campaign Standard, Target, Experience Manager, Analytics.
An ESP that follows some of the SFMC framework and feature rich but requires some development expertise.
One the fastest growing proprietary ecommerce platforms. Excellent for separating development and user. We are Shopify Partner.
Magento recently purchased by Adobe was a top contender in the ecommerce space in the open source market but now has the support by Adobe.
ESP that specializes in retail transactions with OOTB features. Leveraging Zephyr as a their scripting language to create dynamic messages.
Formerly known as Appboy, Braze has positioned itself in the real time event space mainly for apps but also feature an ESP component.
A monitoring and alerting platform for big data. Any type of monitoring can be integrated within Splunk for almost near real-time.
Active Campaign
A great ESP with CRM features for smaller sized businesses with limited development resources.