Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Marketing Cloud is the platform for delivering relevant, personalized journeys across channels and devices — enabling marketers to deliver the right message at the right time throughout all phases of the relationship. Marketing Cloud includes integrated solutions for customer journey management, email, mobile, social, web personalization, advertising, content creation and management, and data analysis. Every imaginable customer interaction and engagement is covered, and guiding customers on their 1-to-1 journeys with your brand has never been easier or more effective.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud SME's
(Subject Matter Experts)


At Digetects we work with many ESP's (Email Service Providers) but undoubtedly Salesforce Marketing Cloud has been by far the most popular in the enterprise matrix than any other platform. There is good reason why it is favored by so many enterprise organizations and the pro's and con's are usually set by specific teams that uses it.

Email marketing has become highly complex but it is being dismissed by the average user that doesn't understand the underlying architecture and infrastructure that drives it. Successful campaigns are those that are able to delivery messages that their subscribers truly want. This requires proper data capture, data management, development and strategy and tactics that leverages all the data points and translates it into highly converting messages that have a high deliverability to the inbox.

Our services and expertise

Our team understands the SFMC front and backend, working with the SF support teams for many years gives us the knowledge to separate a performance vs. system issue and knowing how to properly address it.

Why Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

There are hundreds of ESP's or email service providers on the market today and it can get quite confusing what to choose from or what makes an ESP a candidate?

Our answer: It's complicated!

Email marketing is highly complex contrary to belief! In our experience in working with dozens of ESP's our point of view is that it all depends on what your resources, needs, capabilities and goals are. Many of the ESP's decided to tackle one specific part of the email marketing burden list as every business may have different requirements based on their industry.

Some ESP's specialize in retail, publishing, or transactional or they target specific business such as artists, small business, mid-size or enterprise and then do you have developers, architects or only marketers? Are you a novice or you are an expert marketer with tons of experience with different digital marketing tools? All of these will be a part of your formula when selecting an ESP.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud being the #1 Marketing Platform with majority of enterprise organizations using it, it has become our primary focus as we provide deep knowledge and insight on how to leverage it and optimize it towards your organization.

Today's audience demands a 1:1 relationship with your brand regardless of the size of your database requires dynamic targeting and personalization. 

Digetects can scale your Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation according to your needs and goals.

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