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DMCS Custom Web Development

Custom Web Development Services

Our firm has expertise and specialities in many different platforms, technologies, programming languages and applications. We can develop online real estate from scratch, troubleshoot existing applications and websites, enhance and/or redevelop functionalities or features as needed. We provide our services either in an all-inclusive price or hourly rate which depends on your scope and/or your business requirements.

  • Our expertise in Ecommerce is Magento, Shopify, Volusion, Woocommerce, Virtuemart, Lemonstand and more.
  • CMS platforms include Joomla, Wordpress, Sharepoint, Drupal, and more.
  • Database include MYSQL, MS SQL, MongoDB, MariaDB, Cassandra, Oracle, Firebase and more.
  • Technologies and programming languages include PHP, Javascript, React, Angular, Node, .NET, JQuery, AJAX and more

What All Do We Cover in our Custom Development Services

Web Development has become a very huge eco-system that consistently evolves and grows. New technologies and techniques are implemented every several months and there are hundreds of different ways to build a website or application. There is no right way or best technology as it all depends on your business need and as well as your infrastructure which in turn can depend on your budget and resources. Building a website is not a one time thing or can it be outlined as a you would with a product like a TV.

Your business is unique, your vision is one of a kind, you may sell some of the same things but yet your execution may differ and you would want to capture that deviation as it may be your business niche that sets you apart from your competitor.

Most major small businesses and enterprise companies custom build their entire web infrastructure, most hire their own teams or work with companies like ours to develop and maintain their online real estate. Your website has to be built for your audience and your audience will dictate how they use your website. You will need to capture many data points to be more intelligent about your customers needs. Many business owners make the mistake by building what they like their customers to see but the reality can be quite different.

We at Digital Media Concepts & Solutions are passionate about our work, we are always eager to push the envelope and consistently try to out perform our last. The success of a website has a lot to do with how it has been built and how it is maintained as well as how it scales and adapts to your business demand.

We take your vision and build it online

The biggest part in building a great website is having a clear vision of what you want to achieve online. A website or application is ALL about the user experience, meaning that you customer has to feel like they are controlling their experience. If they can't find what they are looking for, if they are having a hard time moving around or things are just to complex or difficult, you will lose them to your competition. Remember your competitions is only one click away! They are not required to go back into their car and drive miles to get what they want. They can do it in seconds. So you have to be conscious of what you offer and how.

Our Web Development / Application Process

Below is our development approach on a full project from inception to completion.


Gathering of business requirements and vision


Architect and plan the project including design


Building features and functionality. Coding & programming


QA and test use cases and functionality of project


Launch project into live environment.