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Data powered and experienced innovation

Data is the heartbeat of online business

There is a lot of talk about data in the tech space like it has become the newest “buzz word” but like any trend people catch wind of something and incorporate it within their latest lingo but do they really understand what it is and what it means?


But for Digetects it has been a vital form of information since we started development and digital marketing. From building applications that use databases for storage and retrieving data. Analyzing the data that is coming in and out and finding new ways of capturing and repurposing it.


So, why does this matter?


Websites, applications, mobile apps all create digital footprints with each click, page browse, and interaction. These “activities” are all captured and if used with intelligence, this data can be related to build profiles that match a specific criteria based on your business model. For example, if you know where your user spends most of their time on your website, if they keep coming back to look at specific items or if they leave a trail that relates to specific information, it could tell you what they like or do not like. This data can tell you if you should buy more or less inventory or get rid of it all together.


Data is the foundation of any and all successful online business and a requirement to fuel any digital marketing initiative


If you get a lot of traffic but for some reason people never check out, it can be an indicator that something may be wrong with your checkout process and will require you to take a second look to either fix a problem or redesign the experience. Either way the data is the heartbeat of any online entity.