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Email & Digital Marketing has become highly sophisticated

Email application filtering, spam prevention, sender reputation, blacklisting, block bouncing, etc. are all part of the email realm that can have you spin your wheels and have you pay for nothing as many companies and small businesses do, worst of all they don't even know it!

DMCS Email Marketing Services

Digital & Online Marketing

There are many channels that cross each other in the digital realm from Email to Social. In order to be successful in any online marketing effort, you have to understand your audience via your data that will drive all of your campaigns according to their behaviors.

  • We have an expertise and extensive experience with major enterprise applications & software as well as small business.
  • Years of experience in integrating and custom development within specialized platforms such as Salesforce, Maropost, Silverpop, etc..
  • A creative team that understands strategy and converts them into fully functional business models to maximize your online success.
  • Our knowledge goes far beyond the standard user applications. We have mastered platform specific discplines such as Ampscripting (Salesforce), Liquid script (Shopify, Maropost, Sailthru, etc.), User Journeys and Data Studios.

The highly sophisticated email eco-system

Years ago, people would simply "batch & blast" emails and send to thousands if not millions of users that they compiled trying to promote their products and services.

However, this approach has become a major violation in the industry today and it comes with major and costly implications.

All of these email applications such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc. utilize many different processes and infrastructures to keep their email customers safe from spammers, hackers and email abusers.

They leverage complex algorithms to analyze every single email that is being sent and received by a user. This includes parsing everything from where the email orginated from, DNS matching, IP address, domain configurations, content, attachments, code to write the email, and many of data points verifying any history of abuse or complaints.

This is just scratching the surface but what this simply translates into -- Does your user receive your email or not!

What Do We Do?

Our firm is very specialized and understands all of the intricate requirements that email applications demand in order to successfully deliver an email .

There many parts to the equation and they can be broken down into these parts:

  • Email system set up and configuration
  • Data analysis and management including segmentation and personalization
  • Email development
  • Deployment
  • Post analysis and assessment

Ultimately, your ESP needs to be properly set up from DKIM, SPF, DMARC and warming your IP address, in order to register with the email applications with a good sender reputation. Applications like Gmail treat "Sender Reputation" like your credit score with the credit bureaus. The more dings you have against you the lower the score and your deliverability will suffer.

You wonder why is deliverability so important? Currently, there many states on how your emails are being classified such as "promotional", "spam", "block bounce" or even "blacklisted". The biggest implication is that you do not get any notification or alert that this is happening as email providers simply adjust their algorithm that can change with every send.

Does someone mark you as spam? Are you violating how many emails you send? Does your email contain specific code that triggers a spam filter? Plus many more can recategorize your email and your user never sees them even though you sent them.

You have manage your sends, assess their performance, when you notice a drop off that is when you need to do further investigation to understand why your deployments are under performing.

We can take all of the guess work out of your equation!