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Are you struggling to acquire, engage, and retain customers online? The problem isn't your business – it's the untapped potential of your website.

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Most companies need to leverage the advanced technological capabilities available to them today. They either need to learn how these tools exist or how to utilize them effectively. But that's where Digetects Tech Studio comes in.
We can help you collect and analyze critical data about your customers
Develop strategic, action-oriented plans to transform that data into results
Over 15 Years of Experience And Expertise
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Super-Charge Your Digital Experience

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

We can provide expertise and experience in development, integration, management and migration leveraging all of SFMC features and capabilites.

Predicative Data Analytics

The online experience has become more demanding and consumers expect more from websites that cater to their needs and wants. Data allows you to provide this service.

Digital Marketing

Our agency specializes in custom digital marketing technology from design, architecture, development to implementation leverage the latest platforms and technologies.

Learn more about optimizing your website

Mastering the art and science of harnessing your data is crucial,
for building strong customer relationships.

Most companies need to leverage the advanced technological capabilities available to them today. They either need to learn how these tools exist or how to utilize them effectively. They may have the data but need specialized skills to transform it into accurate, actionable insights. Digetects Tech Studio is here to bridge the gap.

Communicate the right message to the right customer at the right time.

Knowing your customer gives you the ability to cut through the noise and give them what they need and want building a true 1:1 relationship with your brand, service or company.

Personalization and segmentation

Navigate your customer to the features that your customer cares about the most.

Analyze and execute

Analyze your customer data to understand them better and adjust to their needs.

Integrate your digital efforts for Omni-Channel Marketing

All of your marketing efforts, paid or unpaid, including social media, online ads, and digital marketing, should be integrated to understand your customers’ preferences and communication needs.

Targeted audience

Less is more when you segment your audience based on what they really want and need.

Improve personalization

The days of batch & blast are over, no more Hail Mary's at the expense of your customer. If you have the data, you can be purposeful.
Partner with Digetects Tech Studio to unlock your full digital potential.
Unlock Your Potential
Develop strategic, action-oriented plans turning data into results.
  • Personalized campaigns based on customer profile data
  • Know what is working and what is not and where
  • User acquisition, providing value for the data
  • User acquisition, engagement and retention
  • Data management, analytics and integration
  • Marketing automation
Compete Globally
Scale with enhanced opportunities
  • Solutions for any size business
  • Improve Customer Convenience
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Advanced Marketing Opportunities
  • Data & Analytics
  • Competitive Advantage for any business
Expertise & Experience
Your Business, Our Expertise
  • Latest technology so that you can leverage it
  • Web development to customize your needs and requirements
  • CRM, CMS, ECOM, ESP platforms
  • Experience in various industries from Healthcare, Retail and Entertainment
  • Marketing Strategy, management, business intelligence and data services
  • Consulting services
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We are a digital full service agency comprised of developers, architects, engineers and strategist that are boots on the ground in various organization in different industries providing our digital marketing development services in improving their ROI with their web presence.
Our teams expertise is in many of the leading technologies deployed around the web today, we are consistently employing more into our inventory as technology evolves very quickly so that we can implement them for our clients.
We provide web development and digital marketing services which includes full service management where we serve as your digital marketing and web development team to consistently improve and expand your digital footprint or you can hire us to handle a la carte items such as updating your website, adding more functionality and features and any web services you may need.
Our fee structure depends on the project we operate under retainer agreements for long term projects, per project pricing and/or billable hours on custom ad hoc requests. We will discuss your project in detail and our fees structure is provided within the project scope.
Our team can work within your tech stack and platforms, we will need access and proper permissions to be able to service you. If your company does not have specific components we can offer our products or procure them for you. Either you manage the relationship or we can do it for you.

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