Solving for a business case that scales by focusing on the online presence

After nearly three decades of being a steadfast pillar in the music industry, Patchwerk has now set its sights on conquering the digital realm. This ambitious move is not just about survival but about delivering the same level of service online as it does in person, showcasing our commitment to innovation and adaptability.

A complete redevelopment of their digital presence was done by analyzing their data and history online for the past several years and understanding the landscape of their audience.

As part of our digital transformation, we have developed a data-driven, dynamic website using one of the leading CMS systems. This website integrates with several digital marketing and automation platforms and communicates critical data points to facilitate the backend process. Serving Customer inquiries is more efficient, and the service team is notified in near real-time, leading to a unified and central 360-degree overview of our online operations.

This implementation allows remote servicing and keeps the business connected 24/7 by consistently enhancing and improving capabilities as new learnings are consistently monitored and pivoted.


  • Analyze and identify key features from old website for new.
  • Develop new web domain and migrate required digital assets from old.
  • Integrate CMS, ESP, CRM along with social and online ad platforms for aggregation and processing.
  • Develop automations that consistently scale and optimize to address the needs of the business and customer.

The project launch required 6+ months from analyzing planning to deployment for its initial iteration.

Customer-centric focus for convenience

Future and current clients can get detailed information that used to require phone calls and physical communication between both parties—injecting Automation to bridge the gap, allowing clients to get their questions answered in near real-time, offering better and more concise service to the client to make informed decisions, and eliminating many of the back-and-forths before a final decision.