Reimaging of the digital domain

RescueSkin required a robust e-commerce infrastructure to efficiently manage high volumes of traffic and transactions. Additionally, the company aimed to seamlessly integrate diverse tools for content creators, affiliates, and influencers, allowing them to contribute and earn commissions. The website needed seamless integration with a remotely hosted accounting system, as well as operational and fulfillment services provided by third parties across different locations.


  • Developed the e-commerce leveraging Shopify
  • Integrate digital marketing platforms such as Maropost, Klaviyo, ActiveCampaign for automation
  • Quickbook integration for accounting and tax operations.
  • Managed their digital domain from social ads, SEO, development, and digital marketing including influencer onboarding.

Digetects served as Rescueskin's full-service development and digital marketing agency. Our agency operated their digital domain from web development, digital marketing, strategy, and campaign management.

Business Case

The redevelopment confidently supports traffic and transaction needs and has the ability to rapidly scale up. It seamlessly integrates data acquisition into CRM and automation platforms to trigger effective digital marketing campaigns. Additionally, it hosts an influencer platform for onboarding influencers and self-service for accounting and payouts. Moreover, it boasts a loyalty system offering a multitude of enticing rewards for customers to engage and earn. Lastly, the utilization of user data ensures robust reporting and consistent development improvement.