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Digetects Mobile App Development

We offer custom development and self serve via our mobile app builder.

DMCS Mobile Platform

Our Mobile App Builder puts the client in control of their apps

Our self-serve platform allows you to build your own app without coding knowledge. We have a large portfolio of features that you can select and customize for your app.

  • No Coding Needed.
  • Manage and Control Your Own App.
  • Low Monthly Fees vs. Costly Upfront Development Fees.
  • Get support on select plans

Digetects Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development has become more prevalent than ever as majority of consumers conduct most of their online activities from their mobile phones now vs. a desktop. For some the smart phones have replaced a desktop and a mobile app increases your ability to acquire, engage and retain your audience. Custom Development can be a more costly solution but also yields a more targeted experience since the development will be completely geared towards your business needs and user experience. However, development time can become extensive as you will have to go through rounds of designs, development and testing. For many small businesses it is simply a cost they do not want to extent even though it has the ability to pay for itself if done correctly.

Our Self-Serve Mobile Platform

We offer a self-serve mobile platform which puts you in control of your mobile app. We have a wide variety of layouts, templates and many features that can enhance your business. We charge a monthly licensing and hosting fee at different tiers depending on how feature rich you would want your app to be. The app remains our technology and once you cancel your plan, your app will no longer work. You are able to purchase a lifetime license at a buyout rate.