Overall, you would want to think of your digital strategy, how will you communicate, what and where. Learn you customers behavioral patterns within your site. You can't just assume that everyone feels and thinks the same about your brand.

There are countless of different profile types from guests (who are just trying something) all the way to your die hard brand ambassadors who stick with your brand no matter what. Properly communicating to them that is your job and if you do your job great, it will result in higher ROI overall, better brand engagement, and just more transactions that you will consistently improve using the data.

Perspective, is also important. Social media is the most popular channel in terms of use, but when it comes to business, you have to really understand your vision and how to execute.

Social media doesn't perform well with ads or much anything that has to do with selling something unless it is a buzz thing at the moment. Email marketing consistently has debunked the myth that email is dying. Email performs better than mobile and social media, simply that you have more real estate with emails and you can measure your success and failure much more granular. Plus you own the practice with social you sort of are playing as guest in someone elses house and your welcome can be revoked at any given time with or without notice.

key email statistic digetects
email vs digital digetects

In technology the data doesn't lie if you know how to stitch the different KPI's together. A strong indicator that personalization is working is hearing individuals say things like "I think they are listening because I talk about something and then I see it on the internet". If you don't really work in tech this can be quite magical but in our world that is really mainly due to really good implemented MarTech. Where companies pay attention to the vital interactions with their customers plus there is a lot of analyzing and monitoring done under the hood to ensure that each and every customer receives their own experience.

Why is personalization so important?

Personalization is nothing more than being able to provide a consumer the products, services and attributes that they are actually interested in. Amazon has millions of products and countless different categories, as a shopper are you really interested in receiving emails or messages about every single product, department or category? Most likely not, most of us consumers, have to nagivate through countless of things just to get what we want.

Nike, has countless different shoes and styles, and they also belong to specific interest groups. If you are a basketball player and you signed up because you are mainly interested in their baskeball offering, you may not appreciate receiving promotional messages about Golf, kids's shoes, and information that is not of your interest. Companies celebrate their launches and success by offering people discounts but why send to individuals that may wind up doing the opposite simply because you are not providing anything of value. Giving a basketball enthusiast 25% off women's walking shoes, may turn them off or they just no longer have confidence that they will get offers they can actually use.

If your organization still uses terms such as "Batch & Blast" this is a clear flag that your organization lives in the past in digital marketing. "Batch & Blast" in today's digital world is a "No, no". It the likes of a "Hail Mary" and hope something will stick. That is not a tactic nor strategy, it signals more of desparation and will have some negative and adverse consequences if used to looesly.

The goal is to be able to build a 1:1 relationship with each and every customer regardless if you have billions in your database.