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Digital Planning

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Digital Planning

A good digital marketing strategy is a must to support a successful online web presence. Technology constantly evolves and becomes a lot more demanding as the time goes on. Analyzing, planning and testing is vital to enhance your success. All of the digital platforms whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google, etc. all have their own set of rules and their own infrastructure in order to execute advertising and promotions.


Many small businesses and individuals only are exposed to the front-end of these platforms and believe as long as they are active that the business will come but it is just not so. These platforms operate in a complex mesh of requirements, rules, regulations and functions that police and make advertisers and users adhere to their standard.


Some examples are as follows:


  • Your follower count does not equate the amount of followers you are actually reaching with a post. You will only reach about 10 – 20% due to the algorithms.
  • Engagement requires engaging content and all platform consistently measure your performance with each post by your success. The less engaging your campaign the less the platforms will expose it to your audience
  • Imagery is vital to represent your message, the wrong images will underperform and limit your reach
  • Hashtag usage is not understood by novices. Using proper hashtags can increase your performance but selecting the right ones are crucial. Overpopular will not perform for your posts under certain circumstances and unpopular will also adversely affect your campaign as well, unpopular can be hashtags not in use.
  • Consistency is king as well as understand the right time to post.
  • Post overkill can cause you to get blocked and the way blocks work by these platforms is that you won’t know that you are being blocked due to the privacy of users who do.


Digetects has over 15 years experience with all of these platforms in various ways, from development, integration, advertising, marketing and support. We can help your online presence in many ways.


  • Manage your entire digital portfolio – think of having your own digital marketing team for a fraction of the cost of having a native team.
  • Plan your digital calendar, services can include curating and creating content, write attention grabbing captions, hashtag research, data analysis and management and a la carte services as needed.
  • Implement omni-channel scopes and business requirements.
  • Social Influencer management and curation.

October 23, 2015


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