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Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media has become a lot more sophisticated and evolved over the years. New new features and capabilities have been introduced and implemented to accommodate content creators and advertisers to better manage their initiatives.

At Digetects, we have the capability to leverage all of these platforms API’s and analyze the data from influencers and campaigns to properly assess their effectiveness and quality of audiences. This data is vital for anyone who wants their business to grow and spends money with these platforms and influencers. We continuously monitor the traffic, engagements and interactions across these platforms for specific trends and categorize specific influencers based on their activities.

In addition, we manage all of the social media channels by creating custom content and narratives across multiple channels to work in unison such as email, push, sms, social and website.

We are able to scale up and down as needed.

Services offered:

  1. Social Media Advertisement and Management
  2. Influencer Marketing including sourcing and management
  3. Social Media platform and content management
  4. Custom content creation – video/photography
  5. Data Analytics and Intelligence

October 23, 2015


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