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Full Service Email & Digital Marketing

Our team members are experts in full service email & digital marketing. Full service includes strategy, data analysis and management, development and implementation of features and functions to achieve the business requirements.


We can completely manage your entire ESP & email marketing campaigns for you. We craft strategies and plans tailored to your business requirement, we will discuss with you, implementation, execution and continuous success monitoring. Just think of Digetects as your own digital marketing department that is a partner in achieving your success online.


In addition, we can help you with vendor selections, migrations, IP warming and platform administration and enhancements (varies by plan and vendor).


Please note that each platform has different tiers and plans, with each level there are features and functions available that may not on lower plans. Our strategy will differ depending on your service type.

Development & Testing

Development & testing is a big part of the work we do in conjunction with all of our services. In order to better serve our clients it is imperative that we understand the latest technologies and how to best leverage them for each platform, project and business need.


Our team has years of experience in developing custom applications for and on  different vendor platforms and goal expectations. We understand that data is the backbone of any successful operation but it is not only the data but how to properly capture, analyze, leverage and how to connect it to be most effective.


Our approach will vary per client as we have to understand what you already have, what needs to be added and what is available for us to leverage which we will discuss with you on our discovery.


We will make recommendations based on your current technology stack, suggest various options that may include adding new technology or better utilize your current infrastructure. Our goal is to get the most ROI for your business.


Data management & analysis

The most successful companies online are the ones who can capture and leverage the best data. The “best” data is subjective and unique to your business. Data allows you to better understand your audiences needs and wants without directly telling you.


The data can tell you a lot about your business, online presence and where your strong points but most importantly where your weak points are. Capturing the right data points can provide you detail about what your users look at, where they spend their time, what interests them but most of all what is not working for you and where you need to improve.


A lot of business owners make the mistake in creating a web space that they like but the reality is that this is NOT YOUR website, it is your customers website and your customers will let you know what interests them by how they use your website. The goal is not to build a website that you adore but create a space that is functional and provides your audience an experience that will convert and sometimes it may be the direct opposite of what your idea may be.

Social Media & Analytics

Social media has evolved into a hyper complex field of information and there is an abundance of  “misinformation” that may look appealing to your business but offers no real value in reality.


What do we mean by “misinformation”? Social media has created a space that allows people to create virtual spaces that do not have to be reality. An “influencer” with 1 million followers does not equate that they will be able to assist your business at all. People have gotten caught up in the follower and like equation and that it means that you should pay exuberant amount of money but it can be nothing more than money grab.


We employ multiple tools and methods in extracting the real data and are able to sort through all of the noise. We can analyze each profile and assess the quality of influencer. The reality a lot of time can be that an influencer with much less followers may do much better for your campaign than an influencer with millions of followers. There is a difference between “branding” and “converting” and the difference can lay in the dollar amount and effectiveness.