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Data Knows Your Audience.

Personalization and Targeting yield superior ROI

The web connects billions of people across the globe with different backgrounds, profiles and interests. This broad spectrum in reaching your desired audience is like shooting in the dark and it can become very expensive. Data can hone into your target group with precision if it is leveraged and captured properly.


There are countless data points from social media, website activity, app activity, email engagement, etc. that can identify who you target market is and how well they will perform for you according to your goals. Creating a solid infrastructure will allow you to keep maximizing your dollar spend and lifetime value.

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The Technology Stack

Technology powers and is the backbone of every single website.

Technology is like the tools in your toolbox whether it is a platform, database, programming language or application. Every project requires different sets of tools and combination thereof to accomplish a goal. The tech stack will depend on a variety of factors such as your goals, infrastructure, budget and application.


Whatever you hear in regards to what is the best is really subjective because all websites are not the same. They can be made to look exactly alike but the backend could be completely different from performance, user experience and results.


Why Digetects?

Our team at Digetects has a very deep rooted and extensive expertise in a variety of specialized disciplines and skills. Experience ranges from marketing to complex software development and being able to translate strategy from data analysis to complex design applications that can take your business to the next level.

Core Services
Digital Marketing (Email, Social, Push, SMS)
Custom Web & Application Development
Experts in various platforms (Salesforce, Maropost, Shopify, Magento, WordPress, Joomla and more)
Ecommerce, CMS, CRM Integration and build out
Data Science & Analytics
Mobile App Development

Our team is 100% US based and we work with small business to enterprise organizations. Our approach is founded on the premise that small businesses work towards becoming an enterprise and we can help with this transition.

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