Digetects team has been working wtihn the Salesforce Marketing Cloud space when it was operating as Exact Target an independent organization and has a combined SFMC experience of over 20 years. We have been involved in many global, complex and challenging projects for enterprise orgs and small businesses alike.

One major benefit for any organization to work with Digetects is the expert experience our team brings to the market. We have deep rooted knowledge in the evolution of the platform and have a extensive library of caveats native to marketing cloud. Understanding the platform in depth can save a lot of time and pain points. Some features in marketing cloud are very temperatmentful and a novice user may be mislead by error messages and time outs that are simply remidied by reprocessing the same script or code without any changes. You will need to be confident that your code/scripts are correctly written as the system will challenge you quite often. If you are not confident, you will spin your wheels optimizing and modifying your code that may have never been incorrect to begin with.

Not just Salesforce Marketing Cloud experts but Salesforce Marketing Cloud plus many other vendors on the market

Our playground in the Digital Marketing space is SFMC but we are definitely not limited to, it just happened to be our weapon of choice. It is currently the most dominant ESP on the market and has been for many years. Salesforce has the edge in the digital marketing realm because they were one of the first and understood the need.

Digetects has been involved in many migration from/to Salesforce Marketing Cloud, standing instances up from scratch, completed many integrations with 3rd party vendors with SFMC such as Braze, Attentive, SessionM, Service Cloud, SFDC, Commerce Cloud, Datadog, Splunk, and many others.